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90/100 – 2016 Riesling trocken „GG“ Nierstein Pettenthal

90/100 – 2016 Riesling trocken „GG“ Nierstein Hipping

90/100 – 2015 Blaufränkisch trocken Nierstein „Lange Berg“

92/100 – 2015 Blaufränkisch trocken Nierstein „Rothe Bach“



„Teaser mit gewaltigem Spannungsbogen. Perfekte Säure, flankiert von barocker Frucht. Ein durch die Reben toll entsafteter roter Tonschiefer. “

95 Punkte für 2016 Nierstein Ölberg Riesling – bester Riesling aus Rheinhessen im Bericht über die GGs 2016 Deutschlandweit


ROBERT PARKER ISSUE 233 Reviewer Stephan Reinhardt

Felix Peters has produced another excellent series of Riesling, Pinot Noir and Blaufränkisch in 2016. The harvest took place in the first three weeks of October (for example, even the Orbel GG is a blend of five different pickings that took place between October 4th and 23rd and were fermented separately). The Rieslings were slightly crushed and pressed directly, without any maceration time, in order to maintain the acidity, which was lower than in 2015. However, the grapes were more than healthy and the harvest weather gave the team of St. Antony the time to select perfect grapes for each quality level. „For us, 2016 is a high-class vintage, with low pH levels and perfectly integrated acidity,“ Felix says. I agree—the wines are clear, straight and juicy and they will age very well. A sleeper of the vintage is the Zehnmorgen, a monopole that has probably never tasted better than it did this October. The top wine is the Hipping, one of the best I have tasted from the cru this year.

     2016 Nierstein Orbel Riesling GG  – 92 Parker Punkten von 100
The 2016 Nierstein Orbel Riesling „GG“ has a golden-yellow color and opens with a clear and promising reductive though not sulfuric bouquet with intense fruit and mineral aromas. Full-bodied, round and elegant, with ripe acidity, creamy sur lie texture and lingering salinity, this is an intense, noble-textured, well-balanced and persistent Orbel with a long and aromatic aftertaste. It needs its time, though, and will possibly improve. More than 14,000 bottled produced. Tasted in October 2017.

     2016 Nierstein Pettenthal Riesling GG 92+ Parker Punkten von 100
The citrus colored 2016 Nierstein Pettenthal Riesling „GG“ has a clear, intense and spicy bouquet of ripe white fruits with a touch of oak and oak tree leaves. Full-bodied, round and almost off-dry in taste, this is a lush and creamy-textured Petthenthal with a long salty finish and good tension. I’d cellar this fine wine for another five years at least. Tasted October 2017.

     2016 Nierstein Brudersberg Riesling GG 90 Parker Punkten  von 100
“It is probably the best Brudersberg I have tasted“
The 2016 Nierstein Brudersberg Riesling „GG“ Heyl Zu Herrnsheim has a golden-yellow color and displays a deep, intense and densely woven nose of fully ripe fruits (mango, melon, stone fruits) along with wet slate and some sur lie aromas. On the palate, this is a round and mouth-filling Riesling with a creamy texture, lush fruit, some fine tannins and a good finish with grip. It is probably the best Brudersberg I have tasted from Antony in years but it needs some time to reach its drinking window. Tasted in October 2017.

     2016 Nierstein Hipping Riesling GG 93 Parker Punkte von 100
„The top wine is the Hipping, one of the best I have tasted from the cru this year“
The 2016 Nierstein Hipping Riesling „GG“ exhibits a citrus color and pure spicy-mineral nose with white fruit aromas intermixed with fine slate notes. Lush and piquant on the palate, with a lean and straight character, this is an elegant, complex and stimulating Hipping with a gorgeously juicy and aromatic finish. Fine yeast and passionfruit flavors. More than 3,800 bottled produced. Tasted in October 2017.

     2016 Nierstein Ölberg Riesling GG  91 Parker Punkte von 100
The 2016 Nierstein Ölberg Riesling „GG“ exhibits a golden-yellow color and precise aromas of perfectly ripe fruits such as melons or mangoes, which are intertwined with noble sur lie and slatey aromas. The wine is round, lush and intense but also precise and elegant on the fresh and well-structured palate. There is good texture and a clear, fresh and salty finish.

     2016 Rotschiefer Riesling 87 Parker Punkte von 100
St Antony’s 2016 Riesling Rotschiefer assembles grapes from the red slope in Nierstein. There are ripe and lush but not very precise fruit aromas intertwined with fine scents of wet clay and slate on the nose, as if the grapes were not perfectly selected or at least some percent of botrytised grapes were accepted. On the palate, this is a round, lush and elegant Riesling on the border of off-dry. It has a a good mid-palate structured by fine lively acidity and followed by a stimulatingly salty finish. 11.5% alcohol. Tasted in October 2017.

     2015 Blaufränkisch AM TURM 89 Parker Punkte von 100
The 2015 Blaufränkisch „Am Turm“ was picked between October 15th and 19th in the Nierstein single vineyards Ölberg, Zehnmorgen and Pettenthal (yields of 45 hectoliters per hectare). Aged for 18 months in used 228-liter barrels (pièces), this red opens with a delicate, fresh and almost floral-scented bouquet of sour cherries, cherry skin, earthy depth and spices. Silky, lush and fresh, this is an elegant, highly finessed and delicate Blaufränkisch with remarkable purity, tension and a certain lightness.

     2015 Blaufränkisch LANGE BERG 90+ Parker Punkte von 100
The 2015 Blaufränkisch „Lange Berg“ is from a plot in the Nierstein Ölberg that was planted with Blaufränkisch in 2008. The 2015 was picked on October 9th (yields of 35 hectoliters per hectare) and aged in used 228-liter pièces for 18 months. This is a ripe, spicy red with lush, concentrated fruit, a tight structure and perceptible but still a bit dry tannins. The wine is clear and fresh, pure and silky but still very young and biting.

     2015 Blaufränkisch ALTE REBEN 91 Parker Punte von 100
The 2015 Blaufränkisch Alte Reben is entirely sourced in the Pettenthal where old vines planted in 1978 and 1982 were re-grafted in 2010, 2011 and 2015. Picked on October 16th (yields of 38 hectoliters per hectare) and aged for 18 months in up to 50% new oak pièces, the 2015 opens with an intense bouquet of super ripe dark fruits along with floral, minty and graphite notes. Round and lush on the palate, with perfectly ripe, juicy fruit, it has the intensity of a Port combined with the purity, fresh elegance and finesse of a crystalline red wine. This is a highly attractive and expressive yet not too powerful Blaufränkisch with a tight structure and persistent clarity and freshness. Impressive.

     2015 Nierstein Pinot Noir 90 Parker Punkte von 100
Sourced in the Paterberg and the Kranzberg (from Burgundian clones and massale selections planted in 1986 and 2004) and picked on September 15th (yields of 40 hectoliters per hectare), the 2015 Nierstein Pinot Noir opens with an intense, ripe and aromatic bouquet of perfectly concentrated cherry and dark berry aromas. Aged for 18 months in Burgundian pièces of which 25% were new, this is a full-bodied, fleshy and elegant Pinot Noir with a silky texture and remarkable freshness. The wine has a tight structure, fine tannins and a clear and refreshing finish.

     2015 Nierstein Kranzberg Pinot Noir GG 91+ Parker Punkte von 100
The 2015 Kranzberg Pinot Noir GG is deep, pure, fresh and mineral on the nose but comes along with a beautifully precise, open bouquet of flowers, red berries, cherries and crushed stones. On the palate this is a smooth, fresh, intense and aromatic Pinot Noir with a fine grip of minerals, phenols and tannins. Still very young but classy in style, this Pinot Noir will shine in a few years. Tasted at the „VDP Grosses Gewächs“ presentation in Wiesbaden, August 2017.

     2015 Nierstein Paterberg Pinot Noir GG 93 Parker Punkte von 100
„this is a challenging wine that needs all our attention and patience“
Dressed in a dark cherry colored robe, the 2015 Paterberg Pinot Noir GG offers a super ripe, somewhat plummy and oxidative bouquet with super ripe fruit and floral aromas. Silky-textured, smooth and round, with firm tannins and a pure, long, straight finish, this is a challenging wine that needs all our attention and patience. It is very peppery, fresh and pure but also powerful, lush and a bit oaky. Its potential should be excellent, though. Tasted at the „VDP Grosses Gewächs“ presentation in Wiesbaden, August 2017.



     2016er St. Antony Niersteiner Ölberg Riesling Trocken GG  93/100
This delivers a superbly smoky and elegant nose mixing some dried flowers to apricot blossom, ginger bread, spices and mint. After some airing, it develops slightly riper notes of pear and apple, yet always remains on the fresh and delicate side. The wine also proves delicately suave and finely creamy on the palate and leaves a superbly spicy and salty feel in the finish. The after-taste is deliciously tart, fresh and above all loaded with energy. This is a superb dry Riesling from the Roter Hang in the making. 2021-2031

     2016er St. Antony Niersteiner Hipping Riesling Trocken GG 92+/100
Reductive and even marked by some sulfur at first, this only gradually reveals some scents of ripe fruits including quince, apricot, joined by a touch of yellow peach as well as some tar and smoke after airing. The wine is light-weighted and gains in presence and density as it evolves on the palate. The finish is intense and driven by grapefruit zest and other citrusy fruits. A really fresh and salty side emerges in the beautifully persistent aftertaste. This needs a couple of years to fully blossom, and there is great upside potential here. 2023-2031+



3,5 Feinschmeckerpunkte von 5

2016er Rotschiefer Riesling VDP Gutswein
2016er Nierstein Orbel Riesling VDP Großes Gewächs
2016er Nierstein Hipping Riesling VDP Großes Gewächs
2016er Nierstein Ölberg Riesling VDP Großes Gewächs
2015er Blaufränkisch Am Turm
2015er Blaufränkisch Alte Reben



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